Neck pain specialists help you deal with a stiff neck after an accident

Charlotte’s top neck pain specialists handle multiple cases of patients experiencing stiff necks. The strength and stability of the neck before the event, the angle and speed of the contact, and other factors can all affect the sort of neck injuries that result from an accident. For instance, someone who has already started to degrade spinal joints or has weaker neck muscles may be more susceptible to suffering more severe neck injuries in an accident.

Accidents may result in glaring pain and damage that demand prompt medical care, such as a visit to the emergency department. A stiff neck or other symptoms could appear hours after suffering a catastrophic injury in an accident, but it’s not uncommon for people to feel unexpectedly well before that. The following are some frequent instances of accidents that necessitate medical attention if a stiff neck or other delayed symptoms appear:

Auto accidents

The passenger(s) hit from behind in even a seemingly small fender bender that does not result in considerable auto damage could sustain whiplash.

Recreational accidents

Biking, downhill skiing, snowboarding, and water skiing are all sports that are frequently done at high speeds and can result in significant injuries, even if symptoms do not show up right away.

High-impact collision

In several sports, including football and hockey, players frequently collide with one another. Any head or neck injury that makes it difficult for the victim to stand up should be examined by a trained medical expert. A player is also recommended not to continue the exercise until being given the all-clear by a doctor if they are experiencing any substantial pain, such as a stiff neck.

Falls from high areas

Even from a relatively low height, falling from a ladder or down steps has the potential to result in serious physical trauma or a concussion.

Note: Following a serious accident, if neck pain or stiffness is accompanied by any tingling, numbness, or weakness that extends into the arms or legs, the patient may need to restrict their movements and wait for medical professionals to assess and stabilize their neck before being taken to a facility.

Work with Charlotte’s top neck pain specialists and top chiropractors

A stiff neck is easily manageable but you have to get it treated soon to alleviate the pain. Visit Charlotte’s best neck pain specialists for the best results.

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