Neck pain experts can help you avoid holiday back pain

Charlotte’s top neck pain specialists note a spike in the frequency of back pain problems during the holidays. The holidays this year surely seem different, but they are still a time of celebration. While the holiday cheer is provided by the décor, shopping, and time spent with loved ones, the chaos can sometimes make it a difficult time of year. It can be challenging to keep up when your body is being pushed beyond its limits, and in the winter, we frequently treat patients for old injuries that recur alongside new ones. Here is some advice from us to help you stay pain-free this Christmas season.


Traveling is a common element of the holiday season for many Americans. Traveling during the holidays can be stressful, and the stress only gets worse if you end up getting into an accident. Chiropractic care can assist you in managing your pain and returning to normal more quickly if you sustain whiplash or other injuries from a car accident over the holiday season.

Even while travel may be down this year, there are still a lot of individuals going to the airport or driving. Your neck, shoulders, and spine may become more stressed as a result of all those hours spent crammed into a small seat and toting around heavy luggage. When you’re on the road, pay attention to your body’s demands, support it, and do some in-seat stretches. By taking these easy measures, suffering can be avoided in the future.


Holiday decorating may put a strain on your body, whether you’re stretching to hang decorations indoors or scaling a ladder to hang lights. By taking your time and maintaining good posture, you can prevent back or neck injuries. Always remember to lift appropriately, to use your legs instead of your back, and to ask for assistance whenever you can when lifting big boxes of decorations.


Your body may be put under stress while you buy in person or online. If you’re going to the mall, use sturdy walking shoes and avoid carrying big bags for an extended period of time. You can always go back and leave part of your purchases in your car. Avoid slumping over your computer when shopping online, and take a stretch break every hour.

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Holiday activities can cause back and neck pain, resulting in excessive discomfort. Work with the best neck pain specialists in Charlotte NC for amazing results.

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