Neck pain caused by text neck: what is it?

Neck pain can be caused by a term called “text neck”, you may have heard of this term on social media, in the news, or in a discussion with your Charlotte NC friends. The condition is a growing topic and is still not being taken very seriously. Many patients will not believe that the pain in their necks began by looking at their phones, however, a growing number of people will complain of the symptoms of this condition. Text neck can pose a serious risk and is very real.

Staying hunched over or staring down during an activity for too long is the main cause of text neck. People have done these postures for centuries with drawings, books, sewing, and other activities. The name “text neck” for the condition because the amount of time that people spend hunched over has multiplied thanks to the growing popularity of our cultural addiction to mobile devices.

How the weight of your head is a factor

The head is supported by the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bony structures in your neck and, on average, can weigh between 10-12 pounds for the average adult. It is a common posture to have your head tilted forward and look down, but in this position, your neck will feel 50-60 pounds of force because of the weight of your head

Your neck was not made to withstand that amount of force for long periods of time. Strain in the muscles and ligaments as well as other structural issues are the results that are associated with text neck.

Common text neck symptoms

One or more of the following symptoms are commonly associated with text neck:

Pain in the upper back, neck, and/or shoulders: The pain may be a general soreness or achiness that will cover a larger region, for example, starting from the bottom of your neck and into your shoulder. Or, it may be located in one specific point and feel sharp.

Rounded shoulders and forward head position: Muscles in your chest, neck and upper back can start to become imbalanced due to keeping your head in a forward position for a long period of time. You may feel that it is more difficult to maintain a good posture with your ears positioned directly above the shoulders.

Headache: The muscles at the base of your neck can start to spasm painfully, or pain can also shoot up your neck into your head. Longer periods of time spent looking at your mobile device screen, no matter your posture, can also increase the risk of headaches and eyestrain.

Neck pain in Charlotte NC: text neck prevention and treatment

Neck pain from text neck can be treated effectively, depending on your symptoms, by using a multipronged approach. For example, resting well, and massages can help muscle strain that has been caused by text neck. The primary goal of your chiropractor will be to help develop a treatment that will alleviate your symptoms and allow you to continue enjoying your mobile technology.

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