To be precise, texting through smartphones is the primary cause. In Charlotte, NC, one can’t be without a smartphone, meaning many are prone to neck pain from texting. Here is a breakdown of how texting facilitates neck pain.

  • The flexibility and usability of the neck are attributed to the muscles in the neck. When texting or using a smartphone, people tend to bend their next for extended periods. The bending puts a lot of pressure on the neck, more like overusing it. When they look up, the muscles go back to rest, which reliefs it; the repeated action causes the muscles to be in that loop of movement.
  • The neck is designed in a way similar to the lower back. The vertebra in the neck is also fashioned to be in a curved form when it is in the relaxed state. The moment the neck is bent, the curved fashion of the vertebra is out of place.
  • Over an extended time, the ligaments that keep the neck in place start to move out of place due to the distortion in the neck’s curve. It is just a matter of time before the ligaments in the front of the neck become shorter. The ligaments in the back of the neck do the opposite and become outstretched.

At that stage, such an individual starts to experience neck pain. If it is not corrected early, the neck will begin to deteriorate gradually.

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