Neck pain is easily managed through various chiropractic exercises

Neck pain is among the main issues that most Charlotte residents visit the chiropractor to have solved. It is a common issue among most people with inactive lifestyles or accidents.

Office jobs can cause one to sit all day at a desk. The amount of inactivity coupled with poor posture often causes people to experience lower back pain and pain in the neck area. Other people experience neck pain resulting from accidents.

Neck pain affects your range of motion, and chiropractors seek to restore that. You might also experience stiff necks and headaches, which lead to great discomfort. Dealing with the pain will also be another focus that the chiropractor has during treatment.

Their treatment methods are contemporary and minimally invasive. Chiropractors will use physical therapy sessions and massages or adjustments to deal with the pain and initiate recovery. They recommend and oversee some exercises meant to reduce the pain and strengthen muscles in the area to support the lifestyle change. Some conditions also require stretching and flexibility exercises to deal with muscle spasms.

This article focuses on some of the common neck exercises chiropractors use to eliminate neck pain.

Neck retraction – This method is common for whiplash injury patients. The chiropractor recommends the exercise to reduce the area’s stiffening and improve your posture.

Neck rotation – turning the head from side to side and slowly engaging the stiff area is one of the exercises that a chiropractor can recommend. They use this exercise to improve your range of motion and deal with any alignment issues in the area.

Side bend – works when you grab an ear using the opposite hand going over your head and tilting your head. This exposes joints and is useful for creating proper alignment in areas where you experience the pain.

Head drop – This exercise involves conducting the nodding motion and reaching the extremes as far as you are comfortable. Experts use this technique to understand where the pain lies to solve it at the root.

Shoulder blade pull – involves squeezing the muscles in between the shoulder blades. This technique aims at reducing tension in the neck region to allow the patient to enjoy relief.

Flexion – this exercise involves using hands placed on the back of your head to move the head down as the chin moves along the chest

Top Charlotte chiropractor can take care of your neck pain

Neck pain can be uncomfortable, and chiropractors help deal with it using the above techniques. Find the best Chiropractor in Charlotte to evaluate your case and decide on the best solution.

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