Neck pain is not something you plan for; it can happen to anyone at any time. However, we all know that cracking the joints is a common habit that we all or most of us do.  We also crack our fingers, knuckles, backs, toes, and even necks. But we do not do this for the same reason. Some of us crack our necks to release the pressure that might be feeling in our necks or shoulders or as a reaction to stress. Sometimes it’s just a habit.

Why do I have neck pain and cracking?

Neck pain can lead to neck cracking; when you crack the neck or any joint in the body, the capsules around the joint are stretched. These capsules contain fluid, and stretching them allows the fluid to put less pressure on the joint.

This pressure decreases and the fluids in the joint turn to gas. When it becomes gas, it makes a popping noise. This process is usually not harmful and it’s known as either cavitation or boiling.

Should you seek chiropractic care?

If you crack your neck often but don’t feel any sort of constant discomfort or pain, you likely do not need to see a chiropractor or any other kind of medical care.

But if you’re cracking your neck often and you don’t seem to feel satisfied, you might need to get your joints realigned. This will help you feel less of an urge to crack your neck all the time.

You should also see your doctor or chiropractor if:

  • you begin to notice any unusual swelling in your neck, as this can be a sign of fluid buildup, injury, or infection
  • it starts to feel pain in your neck joint, especially chronic pain that doesn’t have any noticeable cause
  • your joints are starting to become less mobile because of age or a condition like osteoarthritis
  • a chiropractor can help manipulate your joints to make sure they’re aligned, which can prevent the feeling of pressure or pain that makes you want to crack your neck.

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