Charlotte Neck Pain

Is text neck real?

It is apparent that texting on cell phone and electronic devices is a real factor for causing Charlotte neck pain. A recent University poll revealed that women students spent ten hours on their phones per day and men students spent eight. Most were spending as little as two to four hours a day hunched over a smart phone texting. This is more than enough to make a serious impact on the neck and back over time. The reality is that some teens probably spend twice texting on their hand held devices. Considering the possible impact of 1500 hours of bad posture in a year, there is no doubt that teenagers are at risk for serious neck pain by the time they are in their twenties.

How texting causes neck pain

It is natural to wonder how texting cause Charlotte neck pain, and the explanation is simple:

  1. When people spend a lot of time looking down at their phone or tablet, they are inadvertently underusing and overusing the muscles in their neck.
  2. Our neck is very similar to our lower back.
  3. The vertebrae in the neck and lower back are designed to form a curve when relaxed and in a neutral position.
  4. When your neck is out of its neutral positon, its natural curve is distorted.
  5. After time, the ligaments that support the neck slowly start to become deformed.
  6. The ligaments in the back of your neck stretch, while the ligaments in the front of your neck become shortened.

If the problem is not addressed, your neck’s natural curvature will be absent when you raise your head to a neutral position. This places stress on the joints, discs, muscles and nerves in the neck. Eventually, your neck will degenerate prematurely. The problem can be so serious that individuals can suffer with bulging discs and loss of sensation in the arms and fingers.

Charlotte chiropractic treatment for neck pain

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