A lot of things cause low back pain in Charlotte, NC. It would be difficult to pinpoint a specific cause as it depends on a lot of things. The pain of not catered to can extend and become more complicated. It could extend to the legs, neck, causing headaches, and it would aid fatigue. When it begins, the pain could be a mild one; at this point, everyone ignores it, saying it would wear off. Later, it might extend a little to the arms or legs. On and on like that, the pain is neglected, and it becomes a problem.

How then do you avoid low back pain?

Although it is inevitable for some people, their jobs place constraints on them, such as sitting in front of the computer all day, in discomfort. There are ways that you can reduce the risks or make yourself less vulnerable to low back pain. Some of them are:

  • Minimize smoking
  • Live healthy in terms of your diet.
  • Before any strenuous physical activity, try to do a warm-up.
  • Don’t stay idle for too long, or lie down for too long doing nothing.
  • Keep a good posture when you are working.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that don’t strain your stance.
  • Don’t lift heavy objects carelessly.

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