Low back pain and importance of a good night’s sleep

Most low back pain is interestingly not caused by severe medical conditions such as arthritis or cancer. Its leading cause is strain or stress from an awkward sleeping position, bad posture, and other lifestyle habits. Your top Charlotte NC chiropractor can give you guidance.

Back pain can make it tricky for you to get through your day; it can also make it even harder to go to sleep at night. The pain can make it tough to discover a comfortable sleeping position to help you doze off. What’s more, it may even be challenging to get in and out of your bed without any pain.

Good sleep is vital for optimal health and a crucial part of your overall well-being. If you are having a hard time getting enough sleep because of your back pain, you can try these tips to help make sleeping easier.

Find the best position for your lower back pain

Laying on your side with a slight bend in your knees is the best position for sleeping with lower back pain. You can reduce the pressure on your lumbar spine by keeping your knees bent; this helps to balance your body. Many sufferers of lower back pain have also found it helpful to sleep with a small pillow between the knees; this can help make this position more comfortable.

Yet, you may find it a bit tough to change your sleeping position if you usually sleep on your stomach or back. But you can still take some steps to reduce the strain on your back, such as:

  • If you sleep on your back, you can place a pillow under your legs, knees, or lower back to help support your spine’s natural curve and minimize the pressure on your lumbar.
  • If you sleep on your stomach, you can use a thin pillow under your head and a more accommodating pillow under your abdomen and hips. This will help to prevent your lower back from sinking to a U-shape, which will pull your spine out of alignment.

Some patients have also used an adjustable bed to help make it easier to raise the upper and lower portions of their beds in a way that helps to decrease the tension in their lower back.

How is low back pain in Charlotte NC related to sleep?

It makes it difficult to find any comfort to fall asleep, or it can cause you to wake up when there’s a surge of pain. This discomfort can create a significant sleep barrier.

Also, if you are having difficulties getting to sleep, you are more likely to start having your back pain get worse. Deprived sleep can impair your body’s healing, create a mood that can raise your sensitivity to pain, or disrupt your brain chemicals that are involved in how your body experiences pain.

Best chiropractor for your low back pain

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