Low back pain experts can help you avoid back pain

Charlotte’s best low back pain experts understand the amount of comfort that back pain has. But did you know phone use can cause it? The last thing you may consider if you have upper back pain is that it can be brought on by your phone. But according to studies, holding your phone can result in neck or back pain for reasons related to posture.

You might not be concerned about the health issues that result from using a cell phone in an awkward position, but you should be. According to studies, bad posture increases the likelihood of developing conditions like persistent neck and back pain, gastrointestinal problems like heartburn, and circulatory problems.

The typical American uses their smartphone for three to six hours every day. That suggests that people may spend a lot of time slouching or looking down. Slouching causes stress on your neck and back, which may not be immediately noticeable but will eventually result in issues.

What Takes Place When You Lower Your Head?

Three things occur each time you look down to use your phone.

  • Your neck jerks to the front.
  • Your shoulders shift up or sag in front of your ears.
  • Your neck and shoulder muscles tighten.

Your head weighs about 10 pounds when your neck muscles are in a good position. This doubles the strain on your neck muscles whenever you look down at your phone. Also affected are the muscles in your shoulders. Your shoulders will be under 10 pounds of pressure for every inch your head slouches to look at your phone. When using a mobile device, for instance, if your head is four inches down, it’s like having a kid sit on your shoulders the entire time.

This leads to a repetitive strain injury, which results in swollen and harmed muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Usually, it results in continually gripping or moving a joint in a way that overstretches it.

Stopping your back from hurting

Fortunately, using your phone is something you can continue doing. Although it is the most effective treatment for back pain, it is not practical. You must improve your posture if you want to reduce back pain.

In order to properly align your neck and back, learn to stand or sit straight. If you are seated correctly, your back will be straight, your shoulders will be drawn back, and the back of the chair will touch your lower back. If you can draw a straight line from your ear to your shoulders, you are standing correctly.

Work with Charlotte’s best low back pain experts

Phone use can cause back pain, so maintain the right posture to avoid it. Work with the best low back pain experts in Charlotte NC for outstanding results.

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