Low back pain can become a chronic problem if not handled fast

Low back pain in Charlotte NC can be highly uncomfortable since it signals issues with your spine or injuries in the muscles in the area. The effect of this condition is that it limits your range of motion and flexibility, making it hard to conduct any physical activity.

If left untreated, back pain can become chronic. There is the need to see a chiropractor as soon as the problem starts to have it handled immediately. It can sometimes have unusual causes, as the most experienced Charlotte chiropractor explains in this post.

Slipped disc

Spine misalignment is among the most common cause of low back pain. In most cases, you might have a slipped spinal disc from an accident or abrupt movement.

Lack of proper spinal alignment can result in a degenerative disc or pinched nerve, resulting in unbearable pain. Without the spinal cord supporting the body, the ability to do most physical stuff is greatly hindered. The best way to deal with the issue is to consider corrective spinal adjustments.

Chiropractors handle spine adjustment professionally, making sure you enjoy pain relief in the area. They also help you gain a better range of motion since the spinal column supports the whole human structure.

Spinal conditions

Problems such as spinal arthritis and stenosis can often cause back aches. They affect the tissues in the lower back region, causing general weakness. Citing the importance of the lower back when handling physical exercises, most activities will be a lot more challenging. You can experience pain in the region since there is added pressure that the weak muscles cannot handle.

Chiropractors offer massage therapy to help strengthen the muscles. As a result, you might enjoy better pain relief and an improved ability to handle physical activities.

Soft tissue strain

There are numerous muscles on the lower back, which, if strained, can result in agony for the patients. A common reason why most people unknowingly strain the soft-tissue muscles is maintaining the wrong sitting posture. Soft tissue strain can cause lower back pain and needs to be remedied immediately.

Hire a Charlotte chiropractor for low back pain treatment

Lower back pain causes differ, so you need an expert’s help to fight it. Working with the most experienced chiropractor in Charlotte can help ease low back pain. They have the know-how and equipment for faster pain relief and deal with the problem completely.

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