A chiropractor can help you improve your range of motion

Charlotte’s best chiropractor can help you improve your range of motion. Your body’s motions can be used to describe the range of motion. It includes both joint and muscle movement and varies depending on the person. Active and passive ranges of motion are subcategories of range of motion.

  • Active range of motion is when a person moves their body in a natural way, such as turning to glance over their shoulder while doing a quick head check in the car.
  • An individual’s full range of motion is typically indicated by the passive range of motion, which occurs when an external force propels you through a movement.

Movements chiropractors use to improve range of motion

Chiropractic adjustments

Through manual or low-force adjustments, chiropractors can relieve stress and tightness in your joints, most frequently the spinal joints. This helps to release the tension and stress that has accumulated in your muscles while also enabling the joints to move as they should. How long and the best course of therapy for you will depend on what you come up with, the findings from careful testing, and your end goal.

Warm-up exercises

You should warm up slowly and lightly before finishing your physical activity. This helps prevent damage by warming up your muscles and gradually increasing blood flow. Warming up with dynamic stretching helps to activate certain muscles in a way that gets them ready for the action that comes next. Leg swings, lunges, heel raises, shoulder rolls, and arm circles are a few examples. These aid in muscle warming, enhancing performance during exercise.


Your range of motion can be improved and stress can be reduced by stretching restricted or tight muscles. The muscles you might need to stretch will depend on where the issue is. A healthcare professional can help you develop stretches specifically for your body, your goals, and yourself.

After an activity, static stretching should be performed as a cool-down since your muscles are already warm. With a break in between, each stretch should be held for 30 seconds.

Recommending constant movement

Your joints and muscles, as well as your general health and functioning, are greatly influenced by the movement. As we exercise more, our muscles and joints also move more, which improves mobility and prevents the loss of range of motion. A daily walk of 15 to 30 minutes at a brisk pace helps to relax your muscles, improve blood flow, and begin to strengthen and increase your body’s range of motion.

Work with Charlotte’s best chiropractor

Chiropractors can help improve your range of motion. Work with the best chiropractor in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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