Chiropractor care says that a study was conducted with around 290 adults, some with high blood pressure and others without. The participants were randomly assigned to three groups divided into the following categories: active group, control group, and placebo group. For the active group, the care took the form of instrument-assisted spinal adjustments to the upper thoracic region of the spine. The placebo group received the same procedure for treatment but the instrument was set to not deliver any level of force at all. And then 3rd group, the control group was left just as they were with no treatment whatsoever.

At the end of the trial, results showed that baseline measurements of blood pressure experienced a decrease at about 7% in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure after the manipulation of the thoracic spine with instruments. These changes were only recorded in the active group, while the other two showed no signs of a reduction in blood pressure.

This takes us to the conclusion that chiropractic treatment is good for the heart. While chiropractic care is well known to help heal injuries to the musculoskeletal system, its effect on other biological systems like the vascular system and nervous network isn’t so well understood. This application of chiropractic care may signal a new healthier approach to treating hypertension. The reliance on medication for high blood pressure treatment can be costly and ineffective. More natural approaches to blood pressure regulation. Chiropractic care offers a next-step solution.

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