A chiropractic clinic can help you deal with the effects of cold weather on joints

The best chiropractic clinic in Charlotte recommends keeping your joints warm to avoid pain and other effects in the cold weather. It’s likely that you have started to notice changes in your joints when the weather starts to cool off. In fact, some claim that by observing how their joints are acting on a given day, they can predict when it will rain. Even though this is a well-known occurrence, have you ever pondered what cold weather does to your joints to cause them to feel the way they do? There are a few aspects that may be able to explain why your joints alter when the temperature decreases, even if there is no widely acknowledged scientific basis for why cold weather makes them feel a certain way. These include:

Joint fluid thickening

The fluid that cushions joints is called synovial fluid. Normal synovial fluid has the consistency of egg white in order to promote appropriate and unhindered joint movement. But as the temperature drops, synovial fluid hardens and becomes less able to flow easily. The effect may be stiffness or “creaky” joints.

Enhanced nerve sensitivity

People with recent or historical joint injuries are the ones that experience this the most frequently. Inflammation, adhesions, or scarring can also make the nerves more sensitive to cold temperatures. As a result, joint pain develops during cold weather.

High amounts of humidity during chilly weather might exacerbate joint discomfort as well. Although the precise cause of this is uncertain, some experts think that high humidity damages the cells that make up bone and cartilage.

Protecting joints from the cold

  • Keep Warm: Although keeping warm can be easier said than done, doing so can assist to lessen joint pain brought on by cold weather. To keep your joints warm, use electric blankets, dress appropriately for the weather, and warm the house and automobile.
  • Maintain some level of activity, even in the cold, to avoid developing joint pain from idleness. Simply setting aside some time each day to stretch helps keep your joints mobile.
  • Manage swelling: Be sure to take additional precautions to prevent swelling if you start to detect edema in your joints. This can involve donning snug-fitting gloves or clothing, as well as controlling swelling using bands or braces.

Find the best chiropractic clinic in Charlotte

Cold weather can cause joint pain, so you should keep warm and remain active to prevent the negative effects. Find the best chiropractic clinic in Charlotte NC for outstanding results.

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