Injured patientAre you injured?

Whenever you are injured, one of the most common questions is whether ice or heat is better for treatment of strains and sprains. Ice and heat therapy are crucial therapies when it comes pain management and treatment of injuries in the soft tissues, muscles, and joints. Many people are not sure about which is the proper therapy. In addition, patients want to know how long the ice or heat treatments should last. Proper use can vary depending on if the injuries are classified as either acute injuries or chronic injuries.

Ice treatment for acute injuries

Acute injury is trauma that is severe enough to cause initial swelling and severe pain to the joint or body part. Swelling is dangerous because it can restrict circulation of blood to the joint. During the first 48 hours after an injury, swelling is a natural part of the healing process. Ice packs or an ice bath are extremely effective for minimizing and controlling swelling around the injury. Decreasing swelling also helps to control the pain. Ice packs are ideal for injuries to the ankle, shoulder, and knees. Ice treatments may help control inflammation for chronic injuries; however, you should refrain from applying ice to a chronic injury just before activity. Be careful that you do not apply ice for more than twenty minutes at a time, as a precaution against freezing skin or tissues.

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