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We want to offer you the best Charlotte chiropractic tips for coping with cold weather pain. This time of year, the weather starts to change, causing many to suffer with joint aches and pains. Especially for those with pre-existing injuries. We all know someone who claims that they even know when it is about to rain, thanks to a sensitive knee, or shoulder. However helpful this may be, your Charlotte chiropractor would rather treat your joint pain and stiffness. We also want to offer some suggestions to help reduce exacerbation of affected joints during the cold weather season. Consider the following:

Do not ignore your pain

  • A natural tendency for many people is to ignore their pain, assuming it a natural fact of life.
  • Ignoring it will only make an ache go from bad to worse, and it is certainly not going to help you to heal.
  • Sometimes the stresses of the holiday season, combined with the cold weather can cause increase the level of pain that you feel.
  • If you are predicting a change in weather based upon the pain in your joints, make an appointment to see a chiropractor as soon as possible.

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