Chiropractic clinics offer spinal manipulations (which can be scary to some due to their fear of pain and unwanted complications) but in reality, chiropractors perform a lot of procedures to achieve spinal adjustments, depending upon the nature of illness and indications of therapy. The primary aim of all chiropractic procedures is to enhance and restore normal connectivity and alignment of spinal vertebrae in order to promote neuronal, hormonal, and immunological synchrony in the patients.

Equipment used by chiropractors

A chiropractic specialist uses a variety of instruments in situations where normal physical activities are difficult due to the severity and intensity of pain or the risk or duration of suffering can increase with manual techniques. With instrument assisted adjusting, patients can achieve core stability, spinal biomechanics, and strength with minimal pain. The aim of using different devices and instruments is to use the momentum of the body to promote optimal alignment across the joints. The most popular adjustment tools utilized by chiropractors are Neuromechanically Impulse Adjusting Instrument and Harrison Handheld Adjusting Instrument. Both of these devices produce great dynamic frequency and linear peak forces as compared to Activator Adjustment devices.

Most chiropractic clinics use special devices and tables that have an adjustable setting to allow the operator to lift or drop different segments of the spine by one or more inches from the resting space or basal body surface. The use of an adjustable drop table allows chiropractic specialists to apply force to make the realignment of the spine much easier. Even without any further therapy, drop table helps in relieving the symptoms of sciatica, lower back pain, pelvic pain, disorders of lumbar plexus, and disorders of the spinal disc like herniation or prolapse involving cervical or lumbar vertebrae. In addition, a patient who suffers from acute spinal injury or trauma, advanced age, long-standing osteoporosis, and similar complicated illness can also get benefitted from drop table therapy.

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