After your chiropractic care, your body may feel sore. Which is a normal part of the chiropractic process, and it should go away over time, usually a short period. But are you supposed to feel sore after your adjustment? Well, we are here to give answers to your question and explain why you may feel sore after your treatment. Yes, it is normal you feel hurt. Nevertheless, the reason why you feel sore is unique for everyone. The following are some of the reasons why your body may feel sore:

One of the few first steps in chiropractic treatment is body adjustment. Feeling ache or sore after a chiropractic adjustment is reasonable for patients. Chiropractic treatment stimulates the inactive muscles in the body. For example, think of the correction process to exercise. If you work out daily, you are stimulating the inactive muscles that have not been active for a while. That can be said of muscle after correction. Essentially, you are activating inactive muscles to bring balance to the body. These can cause soreness in the muscle for a short period.

Charlotte Chirocarolina® clinic offers care for your headaches, car accident injury, stress, whiplash, neck trauma, neck pain, whiplash, and slipped disc. Our experience and trained chiropractors can recommend exercise and stretch to decrease your soreness. We can manipulate the back, neck, spine, and shoulder to create better alignment. This will help improve your wellness and posture, especially for people who spend their day to day sitting on the desk.

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