Charlotte’s low back pain specialists help the everyday person ward off pain

Charlotte’s low back pain specialists acknowledge that the lower back is designed to withstand stress thanks to its remarkable strength and flexibility. However, it can develop issues over time. And since many nerves run throughout your spine and into the rest of the body, lower back pain can lead to a range of problems. These include hip issues and leg pain.

Measures to prevent indirect trauma and direct injury of the lower back

Strengthen the core muscles every day

Only strong and supportive muscles can adequately buttress the spine. Consider core-building exercises such as low-impact cardiovascular movements. These include normal or brisk walking to boost blood flow to the spine and stretch the muscles. It supplies healing nutrients and hydration to the structures in the lower back.

Use an ergonomic office chair

Many tend to slouch forward when working at a desk. It places excess pressure on the discs in the lower back and may cause problems like disc degeneration. Support the spine’s natural curve by using an ergonomic office chair to properly align and support your back and thighs. Use a standup desk during some part of the day if possible.

Protect the back when lifting

Lifting often causes lower back pain. Simple activities like lifting your young child and offloading the grocery bags from the car can result in lower back issues. Whenever you lift with a bent back or lift while twisting, you risk causing a sudden injury to the lower back or repetitive injury over time. It could lead to severe tissue damage. When lifting, bend at your knees; pivot your feet and hips instead of twisting the lower back; finally, hold the object close to the chest while straightening the spine.

Eliminate stressors during your daily activities

When opening a door, stand straight in front of the door’s handle before pulling it perpendicular to your body. Do not stand on the side of the handle and twist your trunk during the process, as you may injure the spinal ligaments. Additionally, hold the vacuum cleaner in front of your body with both hands and employ small arm movements while cleaning.

Safeguard your discs after waking

The pressure within your discs increases up to 240% when you sleep at night for at least seven hours. Your discs are usually fully hydrated at this time and, therefore, at a high risk of herniation when subjected to lifting or bending forces. It’s best to maintain an hour or two after waking to let the discs regain their normal pressure and effectively withstand loads.

Stretch the hamstrings

An unknown cause of low back pain is tight hamstrings. Simple hamstring stretching exercises help reduce the pressure on your pelvis and relieve the lower back. Some hamstring stretches also alleviate leg pain associated with lower back issues like sciatica.

Choose Charlotte’s best low back pain specialists

Enhance overall physical fitness and general health to protect your back and prevent pain. Charlotte’s best low back pain specialists can provide more personalized tips for maintaining a healthy back and treating pain with drug-free, holistic chiropractic care.

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