Back pain treatment: how can sitting be harmful to your spine?

Back pain treatment may be needed due to sitting for long periods of time, many people work in an office for many years at a computer desk in an office or work from home. No matter where you’re working, there is no doubt that sitting at a desk all day can take its toll on your spine.

Pain in the lower back, whether it is a dull ache or a searing, sharp pain, can be serious business. At one point or another, four out of five adults will experience it.

While seated, your lower back may start to hurt due to bad posture. Your spinal discs can be put under strain while sitting in a hunched-over or slouched position.

How sitting can hurt your neck and back

Your spine can start to feel stiff, sore, and in pain when spending much of your day sitting in a chair. While sitting may be relaxing, too much of it will put stress on your muscles and discs in your neck and back. A sitting position results in some tightness and pressure in your hip flexors such as the iliopsoas muscles and some restricted blood flow of your gluteus maximus. This is an important supporter of your spine.

Also, you are more likely to let your posture slide the longer you are seated. Poor posture from slouching can cause your spinal ligaments to stretch beyond the healthy limit and put a strain on your spinal discs. This will often result in an increase of strain to the outer annulus of your spinal disc and can increase bulging discs and pressure. While sitting, you may be writing at a desk or working on your computer, this can result in a forward head position and rounded shoulder posture.

You may start to experience an isolated episode of neck or back soreness and pain after a day of being glued to your office chair. However, you may experience significant spine issues over time if you are spending day after day sitting at a desk. Long and regular episodes of sitting down will speed up the wear and tear on your spine, and your neck and back pain can be a daily occurrence.

How can you reduce spinal issues?

Even with excellent posture and a proper ergonomic chair, it will still be important to move your body for a few minutes at least every hour. This can help to keep your muscles, spinal joints, ligaments, and tendons pain-free and loose.

A few other tips that can help you include:

  • Keep your elbows flexed and hands down as you work at your keyboard but not too high.
  • You may consider using a footrest under your desk which you can also use to change positions and reduce the amount of stress.
  • Try to find a high counter or table to work on so you do not have to sit all of the time during the day. It will be worth the investment to have a standing desk, this can provide the same relief when needed.

Back pain treatment in Charlotte NC

Back pain treatment can be an excellent way to prevent lower back pain through strengthening exercises.

When your core muscles are strengthened, you can decrease your chances of being injured, and improve your function.

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