Injured by summer footwear

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Are you hurt or experiencing back and leg pain after a wearing flip flops and sandals all summer? It seems intuitive to abandon regular shoes for clogs, sandals, and flip flops. While casual footwear is cooler and more comfortable, wearing them for extended periods of time can cause foot problems, hip pain, and lower back trouble.

Problems caused by casual footwear

  • The soles of flip flops and sandals are typically a flat strip of leather, or a foam sole.
  • These soles offer little to no support, adding stress to the lower back.
  • The pain is very similar to what you would experience as if you have been standing on concrete or tile all day long.
  • Although the softer sole of flip flops can be a better alternative, but the design usually causes many people to roll their feet inward as they walk.
  • Have you ever looked at the heels of your summer shoes?
  • If you are typical, you might notice that one side is wearing faster than the other. This means that your gait that can lead to hip misalignment and lower back strain for one side or the other.
  • A classic summer look is to wear wedge-style shoes with a summer dress, but this is also very problematic for those who wear these summer shoes because they do not support the soles, and add all the common problems that come with wearing heels.
  • When heels are worn, the hamstring is naturally shortened. Wearing heels also causes an unnatural curvature of the lower spine.

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